Friday, 1 September 2017

Contact Outlook Email Support If Outlook 2010 Search Not Working

Outlook is a webmail that is used for sending and receiving email. If Outlook 2007 search not working, then you can follow the steps that are mentioned below. Rebuild your search index by using the following method.
1.       Click on the File. After that, go to options button.
2.       Choose a Search present on the left side. After that, just click on the Indexing options.
3.       Click on Advanced.
4.       Go and click on the rebuild button.
One more problem is search function not working in outlook. Most of the users face this technical problem. In this problem, search of outlook 2013 does not work. If your search is giving your no results, then it is confirmed that an outlook data file is not checked off for indexing purpose. It is essential to have your outlook search working properly. If Outlook 2013 search not working, then it makes a problem for entire client. It is necessary to check if the mailbox is indexed.
If you want to check that what type of information you are indexing, then you can go according to the steps that are described below.
  1. You can go to the search option.
  2. Go to indexing options, and then click on indexing options and modify.
  3. In the previous versions, you could index a single mailbox but if you look in outlook 2016, then either you can index complete outlook or you cannot do indexing. You can talk to an expert who provides outlook customer support, if you are facing any technical confusion or query.
  4. If you see that mailbox is already checked in order to index, then you can disable and re enable outlook.
In order to enable and disable the outlook, then follow the steps these are given below.
  •      Uncheck the outlook from the indexing.
  •     Close the outlook.
  •     You need to wait for 5 minutes and find outlook.exe that is present in the process tab.
  •      Now go for opening outlook and get back for choosing outlook for indexing.

Sometimes, this problem occurs due to corrupted .pst files. You can simply find the file by writing scanpst.exe into the file explorer. If you use this file, then it can help you to repair a corrupted .pst file.
If your problem is still not resolved, then there might be an index building problem. It is easy to understand index building. There are few steps that can be followed to build the index.
1.       Click on the file and then click on the options.
2.       Now go to the search that is present on the left hand side.
3.       Click on the indexing options.
4.       Then, go for clicking the advanced button.
5.       You can click on the index settings tab and click on the reboot button.
If your problem is still not resolved, then you can call on Outlook email support. Here, you get technical experts who are trained and experienced enough to solve your technical trouble. There are problems that users face with outlook search. But it is possible to solve these technical troubles easily by taking online guidance from an expert.   


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